Mistress of Tears - About Me


Do you want eternal life and eternal youth? Would you like to make things happen? What will you give in return?

As you are led down the steep stone steps into what at first seems like blackness you can smell the rich, earthy scent of the incense rising up from below to envelop you in a swirling haze. The low evocative sounds of a Gregorian chant echo softly in your ears as you enter the underground chamber.

In this dark womb like space below the earth your pupils expand and adjust to the ruddy glow cast by candlelit lanterns that project fantastic flickering shadows upon the rough walls and stone floor and across the intense black and blood red draperies that float and ripple in the warm currents of air.

Your step falters as the cloaked figure of Mistress moves behind you. Her arms reach around you and a gag is thrust between your teeth, your wrists are lifted and secured to the beams with chains and as the massive iron links clank and settle into place you realise that it is too late to change your mind and that there is now no way out.

Mistress caresses your cheek as she passes and then you see her ruby tipped fingers loosening the fastenings of the heavy black velvet cloak that lies around her shoulders and envelopes her from head to foot like a dark shroud. With a low laugh she lets the rich fabric fall to the ground, then walks to the other end of the chamber and carefully lifts a black cloth to reveal a small altar bathed in red light and set with ancient relics. Her hands reverently caress the ancient Bell, Book and Candle, then move towards a glittering metal object enshrined in purple and gold. She lifts it and turns to face you.

The candlelight flashes and dances along the edge of the huge blade like sunlight on the back of a minnow in shallow water and a silent scream rises in your throat as she moves towards you. Her green eyes lock with yours and you try to look away but find you cannot.

I can give you many things. I can give you your Dearest Wish and your Darling Sin. I have the power to make things Happen, but at a price. Do you wish to live forever? The price will be your soul and first you will have to experience death' whispers Mistress as the ice cold tip of the knife touches your skin.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE that Mistress engages in realistic but totally safe scening as in the example above and will do her very best to scare you but will never injure or mark you in any way unless this has been negotiated and agreed beforehand by both parties.

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